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Harper Collins selects Coremetrics

Coremetrics helps HarperCollins Publishers get a read on its online customers

Melbourne, 23 April 2010 – Coremetrics, the leader in marketing optimisation, is pleased to announce that HarperCollins Publishers worldwide has selected its sophisticated web analytics services to deliver customers a more personalised and engaging online shopping experience. With the intelligence gleaned from Coremetrics’ services, HarperCollins will be able to significantly improve the experience for its customers looking for their titles online.

“HarperCollins has always looked for new ways to employ technology to help generate additional business opportunities. On the publishing side, we were the first publisher to use point of sale data in our operations, to digitise our content, and create a global digital warehouse,” said Carolyn Pittis, SVP, Global Author Services at HarperCollins. “With Coremetrics’ help, we’ve now upgraded our ability to see consumer interactions with our global websites in new, more actionable ways. This ensures we can provide the best available engagement information and context to our publishing groups and to the authors they serve.”

“HarperCollins’ extensive catalogue gives them a wealth of data to work with, as well as opportunities to maximise the time customers spend on the site,” said Jeff Schmidt, vice president of sales, Coremetrics. “With Coremetrics, HarperCollins can deepen its relationship with customers, both online and offline, anticipate their future buying decisions and deliver appropriate content to each customer every time they visit

HarperCollins will utilise Coremetrics’ Analytics, LIVEmail and Explore services:

Coremetrics Analytics features:
– Enterprise-level analytics with a comprehensive view of program effectiveness across channels, sessions and platforms.
– Merchandising reporting to increase initiation and decrease abandonment of key activities by automatically mapping product and promotional categories to website analytics reports.
– Content analysis to improve site navigation and tools to determine the value of page real estate and promotional effectiveness.

Coremetrics LIVEmail enables you to:
– Segment frequent visitors to send them regular, relevant offers and content, based on customers’ demonstrated product affinities and most recent interests.
– Email product abandoners with timely, contextually-relevant messaging to recapture lost revenue, reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase lost-customer recovery.
– Make exclusive offers to high-value customers.

Coremetrics Explore can increase visitor acquisition, conversion and retention rates with:
– Ad-hoc reporting to leverage flexible report types and produce the right data views for individual businesses.
– Advanced segmentation to report only those data elements that businesses deem important.
– The ability to import and analyse registration and multichannel data to gain deeper insights into registered visitor segments and high-value customers.

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