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Google Analytics now using AI to automate insights

Google has launched a new stream of automated insights in the Google Analytics mobile app, making it easier for users to identify the trends and data that matter.

The search engine giant said it is using artificial intelligence to find key insights among the thousands of metrics that may be reported. The findings are automatically published in the Assistant screen, where users can get quick insights into their business and tips for improving their data. “This addition to Google Analytics lets you see in 5 minutes what might have taken hours to discover previously,” Google Analytics product manager Ajay Nainani wrote in a blog post.

By looking for opportunities and anomalies in the data, Google is able to highlight trends that businesses might otherwise overlook. For instance, the AI-powered tool can tell retailers “which products are experiencing higher than normal sales growth, which advertising channels are driving the most conversions and the best returns, and on which devices customers engage with your brand,” Nainani wrote. This allows retailers to quickly adapt their business based on the latest data.

The tool also becomes smarter over time, as it learns more about the user’s business and their needs. Users can also vote each insight up or down based on relevance, which further informs the tool.

Automated insights are currently available in the mobile app only, but Google said it is working on a desktop version.

Conservative third-party estimates suggest that at least 30 million websites use Google Analytics today. The search engine company, however, has not shared user data since 2012, when then chief business officer Nikesh Arora said more than 10 million websites were using the popular tool.

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