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Logistics & Fulfilment

AusPost-backed startup brings same-day delivery to metro areas

Fulfilio, a start-up backed by Australia Post, is launching a warehousing and fulfilment service, plus same-day delivery in metropolitan areas.

The offering is targeted at small and medium businesses, which typically do not have a national store or warehouse footprint to support the fast fulfilment of online orders across the country.

“Australian consumers are expecting faster and more cost-effective delivery options, which unless your business has multiple warehouses, is simply not an option,” said Fulfilio co-founder Mathew Galt.

Founded in February 2017, Fulfilio has fulfilment centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, which allow businesses to store their stock closer to customers, and uses Australia Post’s nationwide delivery network to provide a national end-to-end service for Australian e-commerce businesses.

According to Australia Post research, more Australians shopping online ever before, with e-commerce sales increasing 19.2 per cent last year – almost double 2016’s growth rate.

Galt said Fulfilio helps local businesses meet strong demand, while also providing unique shopping experiences such as custom packaging, free returns and personalised communications.

Codie Palmer, director at Illegal Tender, a rum distillery based in regional WA, said Fulfilio has helped his business grow, despite its rural location.

“Giving our customers a professional experience is a big part of our business model. Fulfilio delivers this by faster delivery or same-day delivery for larger cities, something that previously wasn’t an option for our business because of our rural location,” Palmer said.

He added that he has gained new insights into customers using Fulfilio’s analytics tools.

“We can find more customers and what they might want next. It’s given us visibility of our customer base that we would never have otherwise, which has in turn helped us hone in on our marketing and customer-facing campaigns to increase sales and grow the business.”

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