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Fine wine marketplace targets younger enthusiasts with tokenisation

GrtWines, described as “a pioneering Web3 wine marketplace” allows wine enthusiasts worldwide to discover high-value wines with investment potential, invest in them, collect, store or trade them – or even have them shipped to their home for consumption. 

Founded by Jonathan Slone, its CEO, wine expert (pictured above) and negociant Mathieu Chadronnier and wine critic James Suckling, the concept uses the blockchain to ascribe digital tokens for each bottle.

Through tokenising real bottles of wines, GrtWines “revolutionises the way people discover, collect and relish in their favourite bottles with unrivalled ease and trust in their authenticity”, the founding trio explained. “GrtWines’ asset-backed tokens ensure transparency, security, and authenticity.”

“We witnessed an ever-growing appetite among the emerging and digital-savvy generation of wine lovers who seek to effortlessly curate their own distinguished wine cellars,” said Slone, explaining how the concept was born early this year. 

The co-founders say they have eliminated the “arduous process of wine collecting” with the aid of blockchain technology, by connecting people with well-established wineries and high-calibre negociants. 

“This renders wine collections more accessible and economically advantageous. With tokenisation, it enhances the timeless value of wine,” said Slone. “I believe GrtWines will not only elevate your palate but also provide a fun and easy way that resonates with modern lifestyles.”

The company launched its first release in January, dubbed “100 Magnums”, which sold out within four days and this week followed it up with “The Jefferson Collection” – an exclusive series of NFTs backed by 21 actual bottles of Bordeaux wine inspired by US founding father Thomas Jefferson, a man renowned for his wine passion. 

Sourced directly from renowned vineyards, the bottles are all Ex-Château and provided, stored and delivered by CVBG, the leading negociant in Bordeaux.  

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