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EV Mojo debuts, an online showroom exclusively for electric cars

Online car showroom, EV Mojo, has launched in Australia, offering a platform for people interested in electric cars. 

The concept will provide access to the accurate information about electric vehicles, addressing what the creator describes as misleading information about manufacturers or the electric models in the marketplace. 

“The range of new electric cars available in Australia is on the rise, but I felt like it lacked a place where someone could go and see all the available models, presented in an unbiased format that provided specifications relevant to electric cars only,” said Daniel Calo, founder of EV Mojo.

The site includes a selection of features, designed for people who want to learn about electric cars, whether they are in the market or simply researching the available models.

Last year, more than 6700 electric cars were sold in Australia. Experts are suggesting that the global sales of this vehicle will increase from 2.5 million this year to 11.2 million by 2025. 

“The competition is now heating up and we see an increasing offer of battery electric vehicles on the market,” Calo said. “Some of these even out-perform Tesla in certain areas and this competition will benefit customers in the longer term.”

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