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Employment trends reflect e-commerce growth

The rise of e-commerce has had a significant impact on Australian society, including on its labour market. As more people buy online, the number of jobs in the industry is also growing.

New research from IBISWorld reveals the industries tipped to enjoy employment growth over the coming years, with online shopping at the top of the list.

Both the number of employees and the number of workplaces in the e-commerce sector are expected to grow by an annualised 7.5 per cent over the next five years, as bricks and mortar retailers invest in online platforms and pureplay online retailer see success.

The research company says this is good news for point of sales technicians, web and user experience designers and digital marketing coordinators.

IBISWorld also expects online shopping revenue to increase by 9.4 per cent through to 2021-22. “Warehouse and distribution coordinators are likely to be especially sought after,” IBISWorld’s senior industry analyst Nathan Cloutman said.

More jobs and workplaces in related technology fields will also be created over the next five years. Smartphone app developers will enjoy steady job growth of an annualised 2.2 per cent and the industry will see revenue growth of an annualised 10.6 per cent.

“We’re likely to see many more enterprises join this industry, with low barriers to entry for new players keen to capitalise on emerging smartphone technologies that would benefit from having related apps,” Cloutman said.

Meanwhile jobs in IT security consulting and data storage services are also tipped to grow, on the back of surging demand for digital security, counter-threat technologies, artificial intelligence software, the NBN rollout and increasing use of the cloud.

Other industries experiencing employment growth over the coming years are sports administrative services, trademark and patent lawyers and attorneys, wind and other electricity generation, physiotherapy services, management consulting and road and bridge construction.

IBISWorld based its predictions on figures from its industry research reports.

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