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Elle launches shoppable video to generate e-commerce leads

Fashion magazine, Elle, has launched a new marketing and sales channel for online retailers. has created a series of “interactive shoppable” videos where consumers can click through to a retailer’s online store to purchase featured items.

The Elle editorial team directed and feature in the four videos wearing their favourite pieces from the season, based on what is on trend, easy-to-wear and affordable. Viewers click on the video screen and a pop up appears with the product features and a call to action which takes the viewer to the retailer’s own e-commerce store (try it out below).

“Video is increasingly popular with our audience across all platforms and we saw an untapped opportunity to allow them to interact with the video by clicking and buying direct from the screen,” said Marina Go, general manager of Hearst Brands and Elle publisher.

“Across the luxury brands we’ve been working closely with our clients as well as global talent to deliver high-quality native video content. We believe being able to shop directly from the platform is the next stage to delivering a full 360-degree customer journey – now you can watch it, love it, click it and buy it.”

Peter Manten, digital strategy and commercial director at Bauer Xcel Media, says there is “huge potential” in allowing readers to purchase directly from their screens.

“It not only offers a seamless user experience but also gives our commercial partners an alternative way to engage with our audience. Bauer Media continues to be at the forefront of digital innovation and shoppable video is just the latest solution we can offer advertisers.”

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