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Ebay tops list for local marketplace visits

More Australians visit Ebay in an average four week period than Amazon and Kogan combined, new Roy Morgan research has revealed.

The browsing data is based on a sample of 50,000 Australians aged 14 and older and shows that Ebay is by far the most popular local online marketplace, with 9.4 million visitors in an average month.

Next is Gumtree, with 5.6 million visitors, followed by Amazon, which launched in Australia last December, at 4.6 million.

“The gap between these figures shows there is a large cohort of well over 4 million Australians who visit online shopping websites led by Ebay, Gumtree, Amazon,, Groupon, Catch, OzBargain and others who don’t follow through and make the purchase,” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said.

“These online ‘window-shoppers’ represent a huge audience of Australians who are already living in the online world but haven’t taken the final plunge to purchase through the online shopping channels they know exist.”

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