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Ebay expands Vault offering to trading card collectors

E-commerce platform Ebay has expanded its Vault service to include eligible trading cards, graded autographs, relics and patch cards.

The company says trading cards are increasingly viewed as an “alternative asset class” and the ability to buy, list, sell and transfer ownership instantly is “crucial” for collectors.

Collectors, investors and professional sellers who have eligible cards valued at US$250 and above can now ship their cards to the company’s 31,000sqft Delaware Vault or drop them off in person.

When cards are bought from the marketplace, only ownership will change and the cards will not leave the facility.

The vault comes with 24/7 surveillance, biometric authentication systems and intrusion detection systems with temperature and humidity control systems in place.

Gene Cook, VP of global collectibles at Ebay, said collectors want to manage their “high-value” trading card portfolios with complete confidence.

“Our new submission service delivers easy and secure buying, selling and storage for collectors to excel in the fast-paced world of sports collecting.”

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