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Ebay completes rollout of Guaranteed Delivery

Ebay has completed the rollout of the ‘Guaranteed Delivery’ program it first announced in September last year.

The initiative aims to provide faster and more precise delivery dates and a more consistent shopping experience for customers.

This has historically been a challenge for the global online marketplace giant, since its thousands of sellers may partner with a wide variety of couriers.

But the need for a more consistent experience has become clearer with the growth of rival Amazon, which fulfils orders and facilitates returns on behalf of a large portion of sellers.

Ebay launched its first effort to standardise the customer experience around returns in June last year through a partnership with ParcelPoint.

The ‘Guaranteed Delivery’ program takes this one step further.

More than 39 per cent of items in Ebay’s ‘Guaranteed Delivery’ program can now be delivered within one day, more than 71 per cent within two days, and more than 89 per cent within three days.

Customers can filter their search for items on the marketplace by delivery speed, and if the item doesn’t arrive by the delivery date, Ebay will provide free returns and options to refund the cost of delivery.

There is no additional shipping cost for items that qualify for ‘Guranteed Delivery’.

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