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E-commerce tipped to account for 25 per cent of retail sales within three years

E-commerce is set to make up nearly 25 per cent of all global retail sales in 2025, according to research from 

Mobile services are expected to shape the future of the shopping experience with smartphones facilitating nearly 70 per cent of all worldwide retail visits this year. Mobile is already popular in Asia, generating 65 per cent of all internet transaction volumes in South Korea. India, China and Spain are considered to be some of the fastest-growing markets. 

Edith Reads, a fintech expert from said: “The growing adoption and penetration of the internet have spurred a year-to-year increase in online buyers. For instance, 2020 saw over 2 billion consumers make their purchases online, pushing worldwide e-retail sales above $4.2 trillion.”

Analysts have proposed that the disruptions entailed by the pandemic have been instrumental in the way global e-commerce and retail industries have changed.

Market research data shows that e-commerce traffic has risen with nearly 22 billion monthly visits. A majority shops for regular items including groceries, clothes and tech products.

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