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On-demand delivery service Drive Yello targets food market

The on-demand delivery market is heating up, as new players offer small businesses crowdsourced delivery drivers.

Drive Yello is a delivery management platform and marketplace allowing vendors to outsource their deliveries. Vendors can to search, hire, manage, track and pay drivers for either one-off deliveries or full shifts.

The start-up offers franchises, restaurants, chains, cafes and small food producers the option to post delivery jobs and the Drive Yello team provide them with a reliable, trusted delivery driver on-demand.

Founders Steve Fanale and Johnny Timbs came up with the idea for Drive Yello on Halloween of 2014 when three of Timbs’ delivery drivers unexpectedly called in sick for their shifts at his pizza shop.

“Johnny started trying to find drivers to fill in to no avail and had to make do with the staff he had. It occurred to us that it was crazy that we couldn’t book a driver on-demand like we could order a cab. That evening, the idea for Yello was born,” says Fanale.

“Drive Yello gives businesses the opportunity to grow by saving costs and time associated with managing deliveries. A lot of businesses just don’t have the management tools, systems in place or time to manage delivery drivers. Simply finding good drivers and training them is hard work, let alone the hours involved in managing shifts every day,” says Fanale. “It also provides an exciting business opportunity for vendors who currently can’t offer home delivery to increase revenue.”

Current businesses that use Drive Yello include Crust Gourmet Pizza, McDonalds, Delivery Hero, Elvis Pizza and Zeus.

“Drive Yello has been the ultimate solution in enabling the extension of our takeaway delivery capabilities across Sydney CBD and East,” says Daniel Wedgwood, a Delivery Hero key account manager.

“As a start-up ourselves a few years back, we understand the challenges of establishing a successful business model in a highly competitive marketplace. It’s these similarities along with market-leading tech and driver tracking that were a good fit for our needs. With the power of Yello we are looking forward to expanding our delivery footprint further.”

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