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Neglecting the confirmation page is “e-commerce crime”

Half of e-commerce executives are not utilising the confirmation page correctly, overlooking a key opportunity to drive further revenue and improve the buying experience for customers, according to new research from marketing technology company Rokt.

According to Rokt, only 2 per cent of e-commerce executives ranked the confirmation page as the most important stage of the customer’s purchasing journey.

However, 74 per cent of customers said they are happiest when shopping online, more specifically right after completing a purchase.

“The discrepancy between the potential of the confirmation page, and the reality of how e-commerce executives are using it is substantial,” Rokt’s chief commercial officer Ant Hearne said.

He called it an “e-commerce crime” that so many executives were overlooking this opportunity.

“E-commerce executives spend billions of dollars every year driving people to click and buy. It makes clear business sense to maximise this investment by ensuring that they are continuously optimising the confirmation page opportunity,” he said.

The report found that most e-commerce executives prioritise immediate revenue opportunities, with 66 per cent saying this was their number one priority in regards to resource allocation.

Half of the executives surveyed agreed their organisation finds it difficult to balance the tension between revenue opportunities and preserving a solid customer experience, which 45 per cent of executives said was a high priority.

The biggest barrier to prioritising the confirmation page is lack of resources, while personalisation, feedback opportunities and internal offers or marketing initiatives are the most interesting possible opportunities.

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