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Domino’s reveals phase two for delivery robot

After unveiling its autonomous delivery vehicle, DRU, Domino’s will now trial the prototype on the streets of Brisbane.

Stage two for DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) is set to include further customer deliveries in the Brisbane suburb Hamilton during the week beginning April 24, as well as an appearance at this year’s Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit on Thursday, April 28.

“Our commitment and investment to working in the robotics field is very real. DRU is a part of our team now and we see him becoming a huge part of our future,” said Domino’s CEO, Don Meij.

“The more our customers, our staff, our industry and the general community have interaction with him, provide feedback and get an understanding of the opportunities in this space, the better.”

Domino’s has been working with the government regulators to ensure the delivery droid meets relevant legislative requirements as it is trialled and tested.

Since the robot was unveiled in mid-March, Meij said the global response has been overwhelming.

“If you aren’t quick, agile and adaptive then you run the risk of not being relevant to your customers. We know that robots will exist in our future and it’s all about embracing the future and equipping yourself with knowledge so that you can influence in the space.”

The four-wheeled delivery robot was developed in partnership with Marathon Targets and can travel along footpaths at up to 20km/h. Using sensors to avoid obstacle, when it reaches its destination, the customer enters a security code in their phone to tell the robot to open its locked storage compartment and deliver the pizza.

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