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Logistics & Fulfilment

Delivery options, tracking outrank perks and payment options for online shoppers

Online shoppers prioritise delivery options over perks and payment options, according to a recent study.

An NShift-sponsored Retail Week survey in the UK found that over 70 per cent of shoppers consider having delivery options crucial, with 84 per cent saying they would put greater importance on the ability to track their order at all times.

Moreover, 85 per cent of customers transacting with a retailer for the first time anticipate having a clear returns policy.

In addition, 62 per cent said they will abandon their baskets if the delivery is too costly, while 63 per cent said they want to specify the date and time of delivery.

Shoppers aged under 45 find pickup/drop-off lockers and collection points important.

“Deliveries hold the keys to helping retailers stand out from the crowd, build loyalty with customers, and grow their revenue,” said Mattias Gredenhag, NShift chief technology officer.

“But if businesses simply treat shipping as a purely logistical feat, they miss a huge chance to turn deliveries into a competitive advantage.”

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