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Deliveroo signs up 10,000th restaurant in Australia

Food courier Deliveroo has signed up its 10,000 restaurant in Australia, predicting it will sign up around 17,000 by the end of 2019.

The online delivery service said the number of restaurants on their Australian platform has doubled compared to a year ago.

The growth in restaurants working with Deliveroo means there is a huge variety of choice on the platform for consumers, including iconic food institutions, local independent restaurants, popular fast food chains and taking convenience to a whole new level — butchers, groceries and beverages,” Deliveroo said in a statement.

“The growth has primarily come from restaurants selling burgers, Italian and Mexican cuisine.”

Lucio Pizzeria, the 10,000th restaurant that signed up with Deliveroo, won the World’s Best Pizza Championship in 2018 for the Best Pizza in Australia category and was awarded in Italy.

Lucio De Falco, owner of Lucio Pizzeria, said he’s “excited to be working with Deliveroo and see the growth of new customers and revenue for his business”.

According to Deliveroo, the increased number of restaurants on the platform is in part down to the introduction of Marketplace+ last year, which enables restaurants with their own fleets of riders to be on the platform and fulfill deliveries using their couriers or Deliveroo riders.

“Not only does this lead to more restaurants being on the platform but longer periods when delivery is available.”

The online food courier said over a third of Australian restaurants that have partnered with them have reached previously untapped customer markets, while 17 per cent have expanded their restaurant operations.

“This is according to a Capital Economics study which also shows that almost 10 per cent of restaurants have employed at least two more people to cater for increased demand, and in total 1,800 people found work in the restaurant sector as a direct consequence of the service that Deliveroo provides.”

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