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Dejan SEO

DEJAN SEO – an example of Brisbane’s talented entrepreneurs

Brisbane Business News, a local publication, has been showcasing local entrepreneurial talent for a few years now, to highlight Brisbane as a booming hub for business and great entrepreneurship.

In their recent showcase, the founder of DEJAN SEO, Mr Dejan Petrovic, was interviewed. He talked about how he got into the SEO industry in the first place along with how he has grown his business significantly in just 1 year to include 22 staff across 3 offices internationally (Brisbane, Croatia and Serbia) with annual turnover between $750,000 and $850,000.

It’s an interesting read of how a boy from a small town in the former Yugoslavia came to Australia in his late teens, learnt English and the Australian way and quickly became a well known entity in the local ICT industry through his strong desire to share knowledge and truly help businesses. His highly curious nature and unquenchable thirst for knowledge has been a strong factor in his success workin g for various companies on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. He’s used his vast SEO knowledge to help propel various side projects forward in leaps and bounds, including an online music community which he founded in 2001.

Dejan discussed how SEO is often seen as something clouded by smoke and mirrors due to its virtual nature and that one of the main objectives of his business is to clear the misconceptions and help business owners understand the value and importance of SEO through a better understanding of the process as a whole.

It’s this attitude that has helped DEJAN SEO achieve consistently positive results for such clients like Fuji Xerox Australia and Aussie Life Insurance. This is also why DEJAN SEO has maintained a profit from day one and as Dejan intimates, there’s no reason for start-ups to lose money and fail – your business should be making money from the beginning.

With Dejan at the helm and with his infectious attitude of achieving excellence in all aspects of work, there’s no stopping DEJAN SEO – a search engine optimisation company in the Brisbane Technology Park that’s ready to take on Australia and the rest of the world.

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