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Data protection is a prerequisite for any organisation that wants to thrive in the modern era. Every day, more companies, corporations and charities from a range of niches and industries become increasingly dependent on information technology and IT systems to manage their routine affairs. In the process, they become responsible for ensuring their data is secure.

Of course, achieving comprehensive data security is a tall order in a world of changing threats and ever-evolving tech. Intelligent management techniques are crucial for facing potential threats without getting overwhelmed, and they’re also essential to continued growth.

Why data protection is big in Australia’s Garden City
Melbourne has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years, but it’s in no way stuck in the past. After surviving European settlement, frontier conflicts, the Victorian gold rush and the land boom period that preceded the Federation of Australia, Marvellous Melbourne had developed an infrastructure to rival cities the world over.

This tradition of well-ordered planning and implementation continued into the contemporary era. In the process, it drew massive economic and material investment, making modern Melbourne’s Central City a hotbed of commerce and employment. The companies that make it their home are some of the world’s most advanced when it comes to data usage, so their security needs are as voracious as their appetites for expansion.

Unfortunately, big entities don’t always have the time to implement in-house data security and privacy solutions, and for all their other talents, many simply lack the specialised expertise. The conveniences of modern Melbourne afford hackers and other agents with the resources they need to wreak havoc, and those who want to keep up need to implement comprehensive strategies. As a result, many data users rely on EMC’s battle-tested methodologies to bring their security up to internationally-accepted standards.

What defines effective data security?
Impactful data security doesn’t just mean preventing hacks or controlling the exposure of sensitive user information. To truly be effective, security measures must keep businesses running smoothly during incidents and ensure that they resume operation quickly after the fact. This typically mandates a multi-pronged approach that involves continual risk assessments, proactive response planning and above all, stringent self auditing.

EMC’s secure data service facilitates businesses and other entities that want their reliance on data to move things forward instead of holding them back. Organisations that use cloud-based tech to expand their effective footprint rely on EMC’s built-in security measures to overcome persistent threats and ferret out vulnerabilities. Start-ups depend on EMC to help them recover data and maintain service availability through interruptions that might spell the difference between growth and losing vital consumer audiences.

Because EMC combines proven technology implementations with advanced training and exhaustive auditing, it does more than merely help companies raise their existing standards. It also teaches them how to improve their corporate cultures so that they can make data security an everyday affair, leverage big data to visualise progress and consolidate mission-critical resources. True, data has a potential for ill, but proper management dramatically increases the likelihood of favourable outcomes. To learn more about why EMC is the ideal data security management choice, visit them online.

This post is brought to you by EMC Data Storage

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