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Courier business turns to crowdsourcing to handle Christmas demand

New Zealand-based Fastway Couriers has announced it plans to recruit extra drivers to handle the surge in parcels to be delivered ahead of Christmas.

But unlike traditional delivery companies, like Australia Post or DHL, Fastway Couriers has turned to crowdsourcing to meet the seasonal demand.

The business has launched Blu Couriers, a service that enables car owners to earn some extra money by delivering parcels in their spare time. It’s like Uber for e-commerce.

Peter Lipinski, CEO of Fastway Couriers, a franchise business that now has a footprint in countries including Australia, Ireland and South Africa, said the company looks forward to utilising Blu Couriers over the busy Christmas period.

“As we gear up for a busy Christmas, Fastway Couriers is focused on ensuring we’re providing the best resources and support for our franchisees and customers,” Lipinski said.

Over 200 Blu Couriers have registered and been trained across Australia, helping Fastway Couriers shift almost 300,000 parcels to date.

Fastway Couriers’ general manager in Sydney, David Ciantar, said the resource is helping meet growing demand of Australia’s rising online shopping market.

“Blu Couriers has assisted me with the increased volume of e-commerce parcels, allowing our Courier Franchisees to focus on customer pick-ups,” he said.

Lipinski added that the service not only supports the Fastway Couriers network, but also provides a flexible working role for Australians.

“Drivers enjoy the freedom of choosing when and where they want to work and Blu Couriers is a great addition to the dashboard of thousands of Australians who are already taking advantage of the sharing economy through apps like Uber and Deliveroo,” he said.

Following the successful launch of Blu Couriers in Australia the technology is now being rolled out internationally.

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