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Consumers are shopping online more – and retailers are keeping them

Australian consumers are flocking to make purchases online, according to research by e-commerce and marketplace specialist Pattern.

The firm’s Amazon Australia Report 2020 shows 65 per cent of consumers have purchased more online this year, a trend that has been accelerated by the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus has rendered a third of shoppers likely to spend less on shopping altogether this year, while just 11 per cent expect to spend less online, and 46 per cent are ready to buy more online than they did before.  

Online retailers who have benefitted from the transition to online spending are holding on to their new customers. More than a quarter report having changed the online retailers they purchase from, with Amazon Australia a significant beneficiary of the change in shopping habits. 

“We were already aware that lockdown had driven shoppers online, but these findings show that this change is not temporary,” said Practicology GM Australia Merline McGregor.

“Online retailers and brands need to ensure their customer acquisition strategies are up to scratch to capture customers who will be buying more online, and from different retailers, than normal for the rest of this year and beyond.”

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