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Brauz brings interactable shopping carts to Zoom

Two months after initially launching a virtual shopping appointment feature through Zoom, omnichannel experience platform Brauz taken its integration with the communications platform a step further by integrating a website’s ‘shopping cart’ to the appointment.

Customers can pre-load their online shopping cart with items they wish to see and discuss, and store staff will be able to remove and add items in the customer’s cart during the appointment, allowing for an easier buying experience.

Retailers such as MJ Bale, CUE and Nike are already using the new tech, which sends customer an SMS containing a secure link to purchase the items in the cart at the end of an appointment.

“As retailers, brands and tech companies invest in livestream shopping, sales in this sector are expected to double to approximately $120 billion worldwide in 2021,” said Lee Hardham, founder and chief executive of Brauz.

“We know ourselves that when customers are given a choice of in-store or video appointments, 45 per cent are choosing video. And this was before the lockdowns.

“With this innovation, Brauz is helping more customers connect and transact with retailers anywhere in the world.”

According to Hardham, virtual shopping appointments have opened up retailers to a new range of customers, and creates a “safer space” for those who have otherwise been unable to reach a brand’s physical stores – such as people with disabilities or people in rural Australia.

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