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BigCommerce stores soars past half a billion in sales

BigCommerce- Stores Soar Past Half a Billion Dollars in Sales

March 27, 2012Big Commerce websites
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – BigCommerce-powered online stores around the world have now processed over $600 million in sales, with $150 million in the first two months of 2012.
The BigCommerce platform has processed 5.7 million orders and a staggering 28.8 million items. 1.3 million orders and 6.2 million items have already been sold in 2012 alone.

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform allowing anyone to start and run their own online store in just a few clicks. The ease of use and power of the platform has helped drive these huge numbers for anyone using BigCommerce.
BigCommerce takes care of everything, giving entrepreneurs powerful tools to sell and promote products through a web store, iPhone, Android, iPad, Facebook, multiple shopping comparison websites and more.
There are currently over 23,000 online shops run by the BigCommerce platform, including ShowPony FashionDanny Green’s Merchandise Store, and The Kettlebell Shop.
“There’s a huge shift from traditional bricks and mortar retailing to e-commerce, and these figures show just how quickly that shift is occurring” said Eddie Machaalani, co-founder and CEO of BigCommerce.
“Australia is one of our fastest growing markets and it’s amazing to see how many Aussie businesses are not only starting to understand e-commerce, but also how they’re using it to really drive their sales and revenue through the roof” added Mitchell Harper, co-founder and CEO of BigCommerce.
“We think every single small business should be selling online and we’re doing whatever we can to make that happen”.

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