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Australia’s top e-commerce sites ‘riddled’ with checkout errors

Australia’s top e-commerce websites are “riddled” with error-ridden checkout pages, according to a new report by Stripe.

A study of 100 of the nation’s largest e-commerce websites has found that a majority of websites display five or more “basic errors” that disappoint customers’ expectations and cost companies revenue.

The report revealed:

89 per cent of websites don’t follow up with customers when they dump their carts.

89 per cent do not accept Apple Pay or Google Pay, despite 59 per cent of local customers using their mobile phones, more than desktops or laptops, to shop.

84 per cent do not attempt to upsell their products.

77 per cent of sites don’t display security logos on their checkout pages.

31 per cent of websites allow customers to pay with an expired card increasing the likelihood of a payment error.

Karl Durrance, MD of Stripe ANZ, said Australian businesses have embraced e-commerce in recent years, however, those ignoring their online checkout experience are “subjecting themselves to unnecessary revenue loss”.

Stripe says its research shows that faster checkout is a priority for online shoppers with about 47 per cent stating that they would likely abandon their purchase if the process took longer than three minutes.

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