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Australia’s top 10 suburban online-shopping hotspots

Melbourne accounts for most of the top 10 suburbs for online shopping orders across Australia, according to data assembled by parcel-delivery company CouriersPlease.

Jessica Ip, chief transformation officer, said 68 per cent of Australians shopped online for non-essential goods last year and with pandemic restrictions relaxing in many places, ongoing parcel volumes are comparatively high. That, she said, indicates that nearly half of all shoppers still plan to use online channels, despite relaxed rules for in-store shopping.

“The demographics that dominate the list are high-income earners, aspirational, and many of these suburbs have new estates and large houses,” she said.

Based on the company’s research, she has forecasted the top 10 suburbs for online goods purchases for this year. Eight suburbs in Melbourne have made the list since the city lived through 109 days of lockdown last year. 

“Even with Melbourne now open, the lingering ripple effect of lockdowns is that residents may be far more conscious of infection risks and are likely to continue shopping online.”

Meanwhile, parcel volumes in outer Sydney suburbs doubled last year.

The top 10 suburbs (with postcodes) listed below, based on parcel-delivery volumes, are: Melbourne (3000), Truganina (3029), Pakenham (3810), Berwick (3806), Point Cook (3030), Sunbury (3429), Sydney (2000), Adelaide (5000), Reservoir (3073), and Frankston (3199).

CouriersPlease forecasts the following Australian suburbs will see the biggest growth in online shopping this year: Clyde North (3978),  North Kellyville (2155), Fountain Gate (3805), Eastgardens (2036), Belconnen (2617), Edmondson Park (2174), Leppington (2179), Denham Court (2565), Gregory Hills (2557), and The Ponds (2769).

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