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Australian consumers want brands fined for fake reviews 

Australian consumers want brands and retailers to penalise fake reviews so buyers can restore trust in ratings.

A survey found that consumers believe firms who post fraudulent reviews should be fined up to 30 per cent of their revenue.

The research was commissioned by Bazaarvoice, a review and user-generated content (UGC) solutions provider, which investigated the impact of fake reviews and authenticity on customer trust and the behaviours buyers take as a result of that trust. While permitting or producing phoney reviews on their websites may appear to be a simple method for brands to get clients, it ultimately damages their businesses, according to Bazaarvoice CMO Zarina Stanford.

Two in three Australian consumers agree that stronger restrictions are needed in the retail industry to combat fake reviews. When customers lose trust in a brand, 86 per cent say they will avoid using it again, 15 per cent will write a negative review, and 13 per cent will post about the company on social media.

Amazon announced last month that it was cracking down on brokers who use fake reviewers to post on its platforms, imposing legal action in numerous countries. The e-commerce giant filed its first criminal complaint in Italy, its first litigation in Spain, and 10 additional lawsuits in the US.

“Brand trust is one of the most valuable assets on the balance sheet,” said Stanford. 

“Harnessing the power of the voice of the customer is crucial for today’s always-on commerce.  Authentically posted reviews – both positive and negative – is by far the most powerful way to use the voice of your customer to earn trust and purchase conversion.”

Fake reviews have a tremendous impact on both a company’s sales and reputation. If customers suspect fake reviews, 55 per cent will not buy the product, she says, 53 per cent will not trust the brand, 36 per cent will not believe other reviews, and 30 per cent would not buy from the site.

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