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Amazon claims fresh success in hunting down fake reviewers

Amazon is cracking down on brokers employing fake reviewers who post on its websites, enforcing legal action across multiple countries.

The e-commerce giant has filed its first criminal complaint in Italy and its first lawsuit in Spain along with 10 more new lawsuits in the US.

The company says it is targeting “bad actors” who operate more than 11,000 websites and other social media groups that “attempt to orchestrate fake reviews” on the Amazon website.

Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon’s VP of selling partner services, said holding bad actors accountable through litigation and criminal referrals is an effective way in protecting customers.

“In addition to continuing to advance our robust detection and prevention of fake reviews in our store, Amazon will remain relentless in identifying and enforcing against bad actors that attempt to engage in review abuse.”

The company claims a high-profile broker in Italy sold fake reviews and built a network of individuals who buy Amazon products and post five-star reviews in exchange for a full refund.

Likewise, a fake review broker in Spain called Agencia Reviews had also reimbursed customers when they posted a five-star rating. To evade detection, they used the instant messaging app, Telegram to communicate.

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