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Aussies shopping online more often, but spending less

Australians spent less in terms of value but purchased more products per order last year, according to e-commerce logistics platform Shippit.

Shippit’s study found that the average value of online orders decreased by 14 per cent, which means Australians are spending $10.44 less, per item, on every item in their online cart.

The company also saw online orders decrease by 7 per cent last year but saw notable increases in categories such as machinery, tools and hardware, liquor and tobacco, and garden and pool.

“It’s clear consumers want more from their money, which is unsurprising given the current climate. The broader implication here however is that this means they are radically reviewing the brands they choose to engage with,” Shippit co-founder and co-CEO Rob Hango-Zada.

“Against that backdrop, with tighter spending and the Aussie shoppers’ discount dependencies, there are significant global threats for local retailers, none bigger than Amazon and Temu. For Temu, whose entire USP is low cost products and great deals, there’s a huge opportunity – one that it’s exploiting…Similarly, Amazon and its affordability credentials are hard to ignore.”

Meanwhile, the study found that Sydney to Melbourne deliveries increased 11.70 per cent while Sydney to Brisbane delivery rose 10.08 per cent and Melbourne to Brisbane delivery climbed 8.90 per cent.

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