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Aussie Farmers Direct expands online store

Aussie Farmers Direct has launched The General Store, expanding its range of fresh produce, meat and dairy products to include many pantry staples. Customers can now order packaged grocery products, cleaning products, health and beauty items and more from the fresh food delivery company, a long-awaited service, according to Aussie Farmers Direct CEO Keith Louie.

“Our customers love getting their fresh produce delivered from smaller Australian farmers and local suppliers direct to their door. But until now they still needed to visit the supermarket for all their pantry staples. The General Store solves that problem,” Louie said.

“Now shoppers can visit one website, shop into one basket from Aussie Farmers Direct and The General Store, and receive one doorstep delivery. No more trudging to the supermarket,” he said.

The addition of pantry staples means that Aussie Farmers Direct will provide real competition to Coles and Woolworths. “With Aussie Farmers Direct and The General Store becoming the third pillar in the online grocery market, local grocery manufacturers are no longer in the grip of an online supermarket duopoly,” Louie said.

Aussie Farmers Direct guarantees Australian-grown produce and it has embedded this ethos in the very structure of The General Store, where customers can filter packaged grocery items by their level of “Australian-ness.” The General Store will donate 10 per cent of the profits from imported items to the Aussie Farmers Foundation, which supports charities and community groups.

The General Store has launched in Melbourne ahead of a planned national roll-out. Customers will get free delivery on all but the smallest orders.

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