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AuMake launches country’s first Daigou Hub

ASX-listed company AuMake has launched the country’s first purpose-built retail hub for China’s growing army of “daigou” shoppers, using live streaming to reach millions of overseas consumers.

The new 430 sqm retail concept Daigou Hub, which is set in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown, combines state-of-the-art live streaming technology with face-to-face supplier interaction – aiming to build the profile of Australian suppliers and connect them directly with Chinese consumers via the daigou and Chinese tourist markets.

The hub includes a presentation space for supplier demonstrations, cafeteria, several product display locations and an area specifically designed for daigou to live stream their interaction with Australian suppliers to millions of their customers back in China.

AuMake announced the retail blueprint will be replicated across Australia.

The company reported the launch has drawn over 70 Australian suppliers, a large number of investors, 150 daigou and a live viewing audience from China of 730,000.

“This leading-edge initiative has been the culmination of twelve months of industry consultation with suppliers and daigou, and closely follows recent developments in the retail market in China, which has seen a move away from a pure online marketing model to an omni channel model which combines engaging offline experiences for customers, coupled with advanced online functionality,” said Keong Chan, AuMake chairman.

Chan said live streaming is fast becoming a key component of the decision making for consumers in China when they look at the brands and products they are going to purchase.

“Being able to see, in real time, suppliers demonstrating their Australian product and interacting with their trusted daigou is the next evolution of their increasing desire to understand the origins of the product they are purchasing,” he said.

“In just two and a half hours today we had a live stream viewing audience of 730,000 people early in the morning in mainland China.”

The company has a retail flagship on Sydney’s main CBD street, George St, and plans to roll out another retail hub in the city’s inner-west in April and another in either Brisbane or Melbourne later in the year.

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