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Asean consumers ‘less than satisfied’ with their e-commerce experience

More than one third of Asean consumers are not fully satisfied with their e-commerce transactions during a time of high demand in the industry caused by Covid-19.

A new Blackbox Research report conducted in partnership with consumer intelligence platform Toluna shows that of those reporting dissatisfaction with digital purchasing, buyers expressed most frustration with the cost of delivery and services, reliability of product and fake online reviews.

The report polled 4780 consumers in six Asean territories, finding that age groups exhibiting the largest increases in spending were Gen X (60 per cent) and Millennials (59 per cent). The total online spend for the average purchaser in the region has gone up by 32 per cent. Expansion in the industry has come at the cost of greater scrutiny from consumers.

“Southeast Asia’s retail landscape has undergone a seismic shift since Covid-19 hit the region,” said Blackbox Research international commercial director Yashan Cama. “While it has been clear for some time that consumers are more digitally adept, it is also clear that older consumers have grown in comfort with digital tools and services. That generational gap really has shrunk in recent months.

“However, as more shoppers move online, their expectations of the online retail experience have evolved, and this is where e-commerce players must step up their game.”

Cama warns that e-commerce players are likely to see mounting difficulties if they fail to focus on consumer satisfaction and raise their standards going forward, in an era where more than 90 per cent of consumers are happy working from home and are more likely to prioritise local brands.

“With consumers now better educated and informed, and 5G technology on the verge of transforming platform capabilities, current market leaders may fall by the wayside if they don’t shift to a more seamless experience,” he said.

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