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Amazon Fashion drops first influencer collection

Amazon Fashion has just released the first collection from an influencer as part of its new shopping experience, The Drop.

For the next 30 hours, customers will be able to purchase pieces made on-demand from the collection designed by influencer Paola Alberdi via the Amazon app or mobile browser. The Drop collections are available in more than 100 countries and regions.

Fashionistas are encouraged to sign up for Amazon text alerts, as the next Drop influencer collaboration could be released at any time. Other influencers slated to design future collections include Emi Suzuki, Sierra Furtado, Leonie Hanne and Patricia Bright.

“Influencers are able to turn their creativity and style into beautifully designed collections that capture the latest street style trends from around the world,” said a statement from Amazon.

“Amazon Fashion is excited to enable influencers to be designers and bring fresh Fashion assortments directly to customers via The Drop.”

Amazon Fashion is also offering Staples By The Drop, wardrobe staple pieces to complement the influencer collections.

“I am beyond grateful to Amazon for entrusting me to be the first influencer to launch The Drop, their innovative new shopping experience. I have worked hard for many years to create a brand that is true to myself and did the same with this collection,” said Alberdi.

“Fashion can be so expensive but my belief is that it should not have to be expensive to feel beautiful. The primary goal of my collection is simply to help women feel good about themselves. I’m so excited to share these pieces with the world!”

Other retail brands have been tapping into the power of influencers and collaborating with them on collections for some time, such as Nordstrom, which is currently selling the Cupcakes and Cashmere range from fashion blogger and designer, Emily Schuman.

When the department store engaged with influencer Arielle Charna in 2017, her collection reportedly brought in $1 million in sales in less than 24 hours, according to an article from Fashionista.

According to marketing specialist Emma Sharley, influencer partnerships allow big brands to reach new audiences through the voice of authoritative and dynamic individuals.

“The partnership works best when strategic and long-term, and when aligned in values and behaviours,” she said.

“Amazon Fashion’s The Drop taps into the high-frequency of young shoppers who are buying new fashion monthly (on average). This type of shopping works best with dedicated audiences, enough hype and high sell-through—I look forward to watching the roll-out of this initiative closely.”

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