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Afterpay show off fashion’s digital future at AAFW

Afterpay, The Fabricant and global designer Toni Maticevski have unveiled a new kind of fashion at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week: A digital-only overcoat.

Attendees at the fashion event are able to pay to be virtually fitted and dressed by expert designers in the exclusive ‘Animator’ overcoat, and have a digital photo taken of them in the piece.

According to Nick Molnar, co-chief executive of Afterpay, the coat is a timely representation of fashion’s future.

“Digital fashion is here and it is taking centre stage as accessible fashion, which is reflective of every individual, regardless of gender, age, sex or race,” said Molnar.

“We see digital fashion as an emerging avenue for all stakeholders in the industry, both creatively and in terms of its potential as a new market.”

The offer could allow for content creators to use digital versions of clothing in their content rather than buying physical clothing, according to Afterpay.

According to Molnar, the recent success of NFTs and ‘avatar dressing’ in gaming led to the decision to create the digital-only offer for Fashion Week’s attendees.

Australian designer Toni Maticevski said the piece’s liquid aesthetic signifies the fluidity of moving been worlds, genders, ideas of materiality, beauty and hostility, the possible, and the impossible.

“It offers the wearer a change to express multiple concepts simultaneously,” Maticesvski said.

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