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What is Opportunity or not?


October sees the official launch of (pronounced doo~bly)  following promotion in major capital cities inAustralia and in Auckland NZ. So what is (or isnt)  DubLi.

It appears there are two aspects to There is the website (at the date of writing there is no .au domain), and there is the business associate network. DubLi is a form of reverse auction and unique bid site offering a variety of versions of reverse auction as well as other options. The three types of offering are  Xpress, Zero and Unique bid.

How it works:

With Xpress auctions users have to register on the site and buy credits. While the auction isdubli_auction running the only way to see the current price is to click on the button with the ???? when the button is clicked on ,the actual price decreases by 25 cents, The current price will be displayed to you and you now have the possibility of purchasing the product for the price shown.


There is another variant of this called zer0, which works the same way except that here the person who bids the item down to zero ($0.00) wins the item, and only has to pay shipping costs

A  Dubli merchant (or associate) gets a commission for every price check made on the Dubli website.

There is a final option called Unique. Auctions are presented for a limited time, and you can bid in any of 25 cent increments e.g. 25cents $2.75 etc. The sole lowest bid wins the item

See a more detailed version of how it all works here

People who enjoy taking a punt would enjoy playing this auction because of the thrill of the unknown.

The other  side of is its network  that it purports to offer “entrepreneurs “ the opportunity to earn extra income as  business associates of, enabling them (the business associates) to offer their customers their own option of buying and selling products/services as fixed price products, reverse auctions, and the opportunity to display products in their  own  unique shop. The idea is to introduce other people to this business opportunity, and to offer them the technology to create their own income stream around the world and encourage them to find network partners too.

The official business model says  “ DubLi’s auctions are a strategic “means to an end”, and only a small part of the revenue model. is an early stage shopping portal that aggregates shoppers on its website, and then sells those shoppers to major search engines and online merchants for click-through fees and revenue-share fees.”

It further says “Commissions are paid to Associates whenever their registered customers buy credits to participate in auctions or whenever their customers generate click-through or revenue-share fees by clicking through to DubLi’s search engine partner. In order to create a new customer base, Business Associates buy DubLi credits in bulk (called “Product Packages”), and then give away the credits to prospective customers to get them to visit the site and try out the auctions. When a new Business Associate buys a Product Package, commission is paid to the recruiting Business Associate, just as if a customer had bought the credits (and that is how Business Associates earn commission from recruiting new Business Associates).”

There is further documentation showing the difference between DubLi and traditional Network marketing, (why do you need to explain that you are not a traditional networking company if you are not a traditional networking company?)

We were also told by an associate of DubLi: “ Dubli  is a CONSUMER driven, more conventional business opportunity that uses an MLM system as a launch strategy until we hit critical mass and the business becomes completely viral.”

In venturing an opinion this all sounds very similar to multi level marketing or a pyramid type scheme (I may be wrong). So in this instance just like any business venture or opportunity that one considers committing to, “caveat emptor” or buyer beware. I say this because some Multi level marketing businesses  (Such as Amway ) are legitimate and do work yet others have been slammed by the ACCC. There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and the old adage if it sounds too good to be true then it is. When there is a lot of documentation explaining what a business model is (and isn’t) and it seems complicated and confusing, accompanied by lots of persuasion to join, then research the options well  before making a decision. There are many links in favour of DubLi and many links that oppose Dubli. You be the judge.


Listed below are some links relating to commentary on DubLi. We would be interested to hear what you think of DubLi, if you have been involved and what are your experiences. Constructive feedback only


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