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Vinomofo targets ‘office drinks’

Online wine retailer Vinomofo is turning its attention to the wine needs of Aussie businesses to create “a solution to office drink dilemmas”.

Dedicated business wine liaisons will cater to everything from large corporate events and client gifts to the humble Friday drinks.

Vinomofo co-founder and CEO Justin Dry told Inside Retail that the move has been “on the agenda for a while”.

“We see it as a big opportunity generally, but more importantly, our mofos want it, so we’ve built the systems that will allow us to deliver an incredible experience for businesses,” Dry said.

The service is designed to build up a relationship with each business and discover what wines work best for each occasion.

“This is about tailoring the service to exactly what each business needs. So if they need a regular delivery we can organise that, if it’s more random and less frequent, we can do that too.”

Dry said that similar to the wine dealer service for individual ‘mofos’, every business will have a dedicated manager at Vinomofo who will deliver “a very personal level of service”.

“It’s all about making it as easy as possible and delivering an incredible wine experience for a lot less than they could get anywhere else.”

The business has assigned Olivia Pileggi as one of its specialised business wine liaisons.

In an article on the company’s website, Pileggi said her job is about getting to know each office and “how, when and what they love to drink”. 

Olivia Pileggi, Vinomofo Business Wine Liaison

“Parties should be fun, not stressful,” she said. “I’m here to make your life easier, tastier and more fun!”

Pileggi said she is looking forward to working with businesses to ensure that any work event features the best and most suitable wine choices for the occasion.

“My job is to make the person ordering the drinks look good.”

The online wine retailer has long been thinking outside the box to give new customers a better first experience with the brand.

Last month it launched a ‘welcome kit’, including a three-pack of red, white or mixed wine, as well as a magazine filled with articles, advice and recipes that explain what Vinomofo is all about.

This story first appeared on sister site Inside FMCG.

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