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Vinomofo looks beyond bulk orders

Vinomofo is thinking outside the box to give new customers a better first experience with the brand.

The online wine retailer last week launched a ‘welcome kit’, including a three-pack of red, white or mixed wine, as well as a magazine filled with articles, advice and recipes that explain what Vinomofo is all about.

The kit is like a physical manifestation of the welcome email that most online retailers send. But while digital versions typically include a discount for the next purchase, or a call-to-action to sign up for the loyalty program, Vinomofo’s welcome kit is all about introducing customers to the culture and ethos of the brand.

“The idea came about during a session we had exploring how to deliver a more beautiful and complete welcome experience,” Justin Dry, Vinomofo co-founder and CEO, told Inside Retail.

“It was important to us that this was simple and elegant but clearly represented who we are and the why and how of what we do.”

The company has made a name for itself by offering great wine at low prices, which it makes possible by buying large volumes from growers. Customers typically are required to buy six or 12 bottles of the same vintage to access the enticing per bottle discount that Vinomofo advertises.

For some customers, however, this is a significant investment they may not be confident making online. For others, they simply don’t know the ins and outs of how Vinomofo works. The welcome kit, which costs $69 and up, aims to tackle both issues.

“We know that once someone has tried Vinomofo, they’re very likely to stay, so if we can remove as many barriers as possible, it’s a good thing,” Dry said.

“However it’s mostly about delivering a beautiful experience for our new mofos and introducing them to who we are and what we do.”

Vinomofo recently appointed its first employee in Singapore. Michael Parmeter has been appointed general manager, and will look after ground operations, strategic growth, merchandise and local area marketing.

The country represents a strong growth market for Vinomofo, which also operates in New Zealand, and is looking to launch in the US in the near future.

Dry said that Vinomofo has achieved its goal of returning to profitable growth in FY19, and will be looking to accelerate its global growth again in FY20.

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