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Vegan food platform VEats launches in Sydney

VEats offers a digital solution to explore all businesses offering animal-free food options in designated cities. 

Founded by Australian entrepreneurs Lara Young and Susan McCarthy, the digital platform will have its first roll out in Sydney this month, followed by a nationwide launch along with international expansion in the UK with Brighton and London being its first stops.

Users can use the platform to see what local businesses offer at least three vegan options and then proceed to book a table, order pick up or even opt for delivery. The website currently has 600 listings across the city with 50 listings expected to allow for bookings and deliveries by the end of January.

“Australia is one of the fastest-growing vegan markets in the world and Sydney is the perfect city to launch, with vegan hubs like Newtown leading the way,” said co-founder Lara Young in a statement to Plant Based News.

Young wants to change people’s perception of plant-based foods and make them more accessible for everyone, and understands that while the shift to plant-based eating is hard, VEats can aid in reducing the hassle of finding restaurants or menus that accommodate vegan foods.

“Whether you’re a vegan, flexitarian, pescatarian or never had a plant-based meal in your life, we want to help create an even greater shift towards plant-based eating,” she said.

VEats has also partnered with OrderUp, an online ordering platform that allows customers to order and pay from anywhere from their device.

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