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Unlock the power of RFID

If your business is yet to implement RFID technology or investigate what the benefits would be to your business, what are you waiting for?

Businesses have changed and had to adapt, offering new opportunities and new ways of thinking. RFID technology is gaining ground here in Australia and abroad and this is the time to explore its power, its potential and its benefits.

If the recent pandemic has taught businesses anything it is that everyone wants what they want visible, available and accessible. You need to know where your stock is coming from, how much of it is available, where it is assigned, how it is getting there and when it gets there. Timing is everything now and patience, in business, is not a virtue.

Implementing RFID requires an investment, yes, but the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the cost. Tagging now is not only more affordable, but it is fast becoming a compelling business case for many organisations.

Retailers and big brands see significant benefits from inventory accuracy helping their in-store and online sales, minimised shrinkage, faster and improved stocktakes and much more. But the rewards have also been proven in manufacturing, food and beverage, transport and so many more sectors. The opportunities for this technology are limitless, including facilitating automated payments, security access, product provenance, food traceability even tracking livestock

Local solution providers have been working collaboratively with Australian companies to ensure the planning and implementation of RFID within that organisation is executed seamlessly to transform the business. This is where the RFID Coalition comes into play.

The RFID Coalition was formed in 2018. Myer, a foundation member of the Coalition, was seeking to improve its inventory accuracy and minimise shrinkage and turned to GS1 Australia seeking wider industry support, leading to the formation of the RFID Coalition. 

GS1 Australia, the local arm responsible for EPC, the global RFID standards, and known for being the only authorised source for GS1 barcode numbers and standards, brought together like-minded retailers, leading brands, solution providers and trade associations to ensure that the Australian supply chain keeps up with the global market and industry trends.  Now the RFID Coalition is reaching out beyond its original retail focus to include other industries, inviting all to join the conversation, to explore and to benefit.

The RFID Coalition meets quarterly to share projects, experiences, solutions and case studies to understand how the technology can be applied for the greatest benefit. It provides a forum to learn from others, network and nurtures support in a non-competitive environment.

On Wednesday August 24, the RFID Coalition will hold its annual in-person meeting and Tech Expo in Melbourne (also via Zoom) and invites anyone interested in RFID technology to attend the free event. It is a unique opportunity to hear expert speakers present their case studies, alongside their solution provider, network with other businesses and ‘speed date’ solution providers exhibiting on the day to understand what is the latest and the best in the RFID space.

So needless to state the obvious:

RFID = huge benefits

RFID Coalition = helps you understand and implement

Event = Free, register now

About the author: Terry Papadis is account director – retail at GS1 Australia.

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