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Trusting your website, A Prominent Online Retailer of Home Décor Relies on  Comodo Extended Validation (EV) SSL with Comodo Secured TrustMark

For many people, shopping for home décor online offers the advantage of literally putting a world of specialty retailers at their fingertips. However, a category with e-merchants ranging in size from national retailers to one-person businesses creates consumer anxiety about who they can trust.

Successful e-merchants know that success may begin with effective advertising, a well merchandised site, and great prices, but converting visitors to buyers, particularly for non-national brands also requires the e-merchant to establish a level of trust with the visitor so that they feel comfortable in proceeding with an online transaction.

“People shopping on Hayneedle are looking for something very specific. They’re used to dealing with some mom and po shops. At times they’re not sure whether a site can be trusted or not,” said Steven Dee, CTO

The Solution

A home décor e-merchant since 2002, Hayneedle (formerly known as NetShops) understood the potential trust concerns visitors to any its 220 specialty home décor sites and chose Comodo Extended Validation (EV) SSL and the Comodo Secured Trustmark to help address the problem. With an EV SSL Certificate a visitor’s browser address bar turns green at the secure checkout page of any of its 220 sites, providing visual reassurance that the site is trusted and the transaction data is encrypted.


Hayneedle also deployed the Comodo Secured Trustmark across its 220 sites, to help build trust with visitors earlier in the shopping process than the checkout page.



The Result

Comodo EV SSL has helped build trust with its rapidly growing customer base, and increase the company’s reputation as a secure and trusted e-merchant.  As online shoppers become increasingly security-conscious, even this already highly successful e-merchant (#83 on the Internet Retailer 500) found business advantage in upgrading the security and trust features of its 220 websites.

Today E-commerce merchants are going beyond the gold padlock to go green with Extended Validation SSL certificates, the e-commerce standard for trust and security. The green browser address bar, exclusive to EV SSL certificates, assures website visitors that they are transacting on a highly trusted and secured domain. The EV SSL certificate was designed to strengthen e-commerce security and combat phishing attacks to make EV SSL the most complete SSL certificate available. Visual assurance helps e-commerce merchants increase trust, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and build long-term revenue.

Comodo also has Extended Validation certificates to secure multiple unique domains.

Internet Retailers Benefit From

  • Boosted consumer confidence with the Green Address Bar, exclusive to EV SSL
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Ease of EV deployment by using our patent-pending EV AUTO-Enhancer technology
  • Protect your customers from phishing attacks

For more information on Comodo EV SSL certificates go to


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