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Shoe retailer boosts online performance

Tony Bianco has boosted its e-commerce performance, thanks to the adoption of new technology.

After introducing new search and merchandising technology from ATTRAQT Fredhopper earlier this year, the shoe retailer saw a 20 per cent increase in conversion rates and 24 per cent increase in average order value between July and September 2017. 

The automated merchandising technology ranks products based on data, ensuring Tony Bianco shows the most relevant products to customers first.

In addition, new onsite search functionality delivers appropriate results to customers based on their location.

Since the shoe retailer stepped up its global e-commerce game in June, cross-seasonal product ranges have become an issue.

Now, the brand is able to curate content that is seasonally appropriate for its local Australian and international sites.

“Our international website supports 13 languages and the technology ensures we show the right products as the seasons change. As we continue to expand internationally, this is crucial for a smooth customer experience in each territory,” said Adam Bianco, director at Tony Bianco. 

 Shoppers are engaged onsite for longer too by prompts encouraging them to explore further recommendations.

Together with utilising all opportunities within the website for cross-selling and upselling, basket sizes have increased.

“Creating a memorable customer experience that translates into revenue is the number one priority for retailers”, said André Brown, CEO of ATTRAQT.

“By increasing customer engagement and applying appropriate, tailored merchandising strategies for its Australian and international sites, Tony Bianco is able to provide shoppers with an enriched online experience that is reflected in these results.”

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