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TikTok launches global business toolkit to help brands get creative

A little over a week after launching its local office social-video platform TikTok has introduced its solution for businesses looking to reach its approximately 800 million monthly users.

The aptly named TikTok For Business allows brands to control their marketing from one place, in order to best create content that will resonate with TikTok’s audience.

The platform will push brands and advertisers to make relevant content for its audience, rather than the more traditional ads they may be used to creating – in fact, the masthead of the solution’s website reads ‘Don’t make ads, make TikToks’.

According to TikTok, the toolkit allows brands to embrace the creative, positive and real moments that make its platform special, as well as connect and grow. 

“Brands have taken notice that being yourself is good for business, and we aim to continue providing a platform so they can build a meaningful presence,” the business said. 

TikTok Australia’s general manager of global business solutions Brett Armstrong said the business is thrilled to be launching the ad solution into the Australian market. 

“Over the past few months, TikTok has been an important source of fun and positivity for users around the world, and we’ve seen more and more Aussie brands tap into opportunities on TikTok to channel creativity, spread joy and connect with new audiences,” Armstrong said. 

“We look forward to continuing to learn from our brand partners to build new services, products and resources that enable them to use TikTok as a valuable marketing platform, both globally and here in Australia.”

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