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The Someday Co aggregates eco-conscious beach wear in online store

Surf & swimwear platform The Someday Co has launched online, featuring sustainable and eco-conscious brands. 

The online store currently houses more than 1500 products, including swimwear, activewear and accessories, from more than 70 sustainable brands. 

According to the company, the site operates on a “badge modelling system”, which allows only brands adhering to eco-conscious factors. These factors include materials, its carbon and water footprint and whether they give back to environmental charities.

“For us it’s really about facilitation and making it easy – it shouldn’t be hard for consumers to make better choices,” said Grant Kirkby, founder of The Someday Co. “Putting all the best choices in one place seemed like the obvious solution, and one we really hope is readily adopted”.

The Someday Co is planning to expand its product range into outdoor and snow. The brand will also continue its partnership with 1% for the Planet. 

“Consumers’ understanding of the fashion industry’s detrimental impact on the environment is growing at such a steady pace” says Tegan Kirkby, co-founder of The Someday Co.

“The opportunity to be part of a positive wave of change and to fundamentally change consumer behaviour is incredibly exciting”.

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