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The power of pure play: How iMedia revolutionised conference experiences

Comexposium, the renowned global event organiser that runs events under the iMedia banner in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan and South East Asia, has proven that rewriting the rule book for conference formats attracts the best of the best when it comes to industry leaders and high performers – and has the remarkable post-event reviews to prove it.

The company’s meticulous approach to summit formats, combined with diligent attendee screening, has resulted in a delegation of top decision-makers and innovators coming together to shape the future. These exceptional individuals gather to network, present ground-breaking ideas, share experiences and trends, and embark on collaborative opportunities that have the potential to become extraordinary success stories. 

The iMedia Online Retail Pure Play event transcends traditional conference formats, elevating e-commerce gatherings to new heights. The format excels where traditional conferences fall short – with an intimate environment strategically designed to cater to the needs of senior c-suite executives seeking progressive networking and meaningful learning opportunities among their peers. The most impressive element of iMedia Pure Play lies in the calibre of attendees, comprising innovative pioneers, founders, CEOs, and directors who possess an intimate understanding of what truly works. 

Helena Stylman, group sales director at iMedia, reveals: “It’s ‘Chatham House Rules’, and the aim is to facilitate open and interactive discussions that promote collaboration, learning, innovation and support growth among these luminaries”. 

It’s clearly working. “The net promotion score for the 2022 event was a remarkable 80 per cent,” Stylman says. The score reflects delegates’ satisfaction with achieving what they wanted from the event. “According to Qualtrics, an NPS of 80 per cent is deemed world-class.” 

Stylman elaborates on the attendee evaluation process: “We require retailers to specify the technologies they are interested in exploring or investing in. Our focus categories include e-commerce sales and advertising technology, marketing and communication, customer service and CRM, data information technology, and logistics and supply chain. This comprehensive screening ensures we bring together the right partners in the room.” 

The standout program highlight is iMedia’s “Business Connect” – a corporate version of speed-dating, where executives and suppliers are matched for 10-minute meet-and-greets based on the services retailers have expressed interest in prior to the event. 

Gone are the days of aimlessly wandering trade show floors or enduring tedious sales pitches. This curation of the audience ensures more focused, productive and meaningful conversations are had. 

“We want retailers to experience the true essence of connection and collaboration, free from the typical sales environment. It’s an environment that cultivates genuine relationships and propels the industry forward,” Stylman adds.

The format reimagines the vendor-retailer dynamic to ensure a higher success result from the meetings. If not from the official 1:1 Business Connect session, then potentially over breakfast, lunch, a round of golf, whilst sailing on the shimmering coast, or even during a cocktail-making class… the opportunities provided over the three-day event for continued conversations are endless. 

The secret could be attributed to the pre-event due diligence; a simple deep dive with retailers about their needs and challenges fosters the trust that iMedia’s event will provide a genuine connection that may extend beyond the initial meeting. To ensure the perfect synergy iMedia assessed retailer’s annual turnover, digital spending, marketing budgets, and investment allocation into new services and technologies, as well as other various points across their sales channels.

As far as content and presentations are concerned, the quality assurance is as high as the attendee screening. A mix of local and global keynote speaker line-ups, industry expert panels, breakouts and fireside presentations are all squeezed into a busy three days with organisers requiring pre-clearance, as well as offering guidance according to the feedback shared by the event’s dedicated advisory board of respected industry representatives. 

Moreover, sponsors are encouraged to share the stage with retail customers, highlighting successful outcomes through genuine case studies and showcasing strategies implemented to overcome challenges. Stylman explains that attendees are more receptive to presentations that feature the retail client explaining how a solution worked for them. This approach adds credibility and resonates with the audience, as people appreciate hearing firsthand experiences and outcomes, rather than listening to sales pitch and self-promotion.

Overall, iMedia Pure Play for these digitally led retail ‘pure play’ and marketplace businesses is truly redefining what it means to attend a conference and attendees can expect a refreshing, immersive and engaging experience for industry retailers to foster meaningful discussions, experience valuable networking opportunities, engage in genuine and productive conversations – all in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. This event is a must-attend for those seeking an innovative way to connect with e-commerce peers, to make meaningful connections and contribute to driving innovation in the retail sector.

The inaugural event’s successor: iMedia Online Retail Summit Pure Play 2023, will once again see e-commerce professionals converge on Queensland’s stunning Gold Coast from July 3 to 5 for a three-day business extravaganza.

More than 100 esteemed retailers from fast-growing and digitally-led businesses will accompany carefully selected vendors offering a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies, services, and solutions that cater specifically to the needs of those pure-play retailers. It’s a synergistic ecosystem where innovation thrives.

“There’s no better feedback than hearing our past retailers share with us about a solution they discovered worked, and that business partnership changed the trajectory for the better. It’s what it’s all about.” 

You can find more information about the iMedia Pure Play event in July and see the agenda here. 

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