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The Athlete’s Foot becomes first Aussie retailer to launch game on Roblox

The Australian arm of global footwear retailer The Athlete’s Foot has launched a free online game on Roblox called Fitopia.

The game – which the brand says represents a first by a retailer in Australia – recreates a classroom and schoolyard environment in an oversized, distorted style and features three unique worlds kids can play in.

The first game features a classroom environment with brain twisters and puzzle games followed by a second game with a focus on simulation and sports while the third includes adventure obstacle courses inspired by The Athlete’s Foot 3D Fit experience.

At the centre of the game lobby, users can find a virtual recreation of The Athlete’s Foot store where kids can collect TAF-Coins and earn power-ups. It also features a jungle gym, zipline, sandpit, a train and waterslide.

Ian Taunton, GM of The Athlete’s Foot Australia, said innovation is at the “core” of the business as the retailer becomes the first Australian brand to engage on Roblox.

“We hope to be able to bring a new experience that adds genuine value to our community, while also continuing to reinvent the retail experience in Australia.”

The virtual game has been created by the digital agency LeapFrogger and its studio team. It is available for download on Roblox.

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