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Shoppers find innovative ways to save money, says Amazon report

Australian shoppers are making use of more than one channel in a single shopping journey to get the “best value for money”, according to an Amazon Australia report.

The research produced by GlobalData studied a nationally representative sample of 1500 Australian consumers in July and found 62.5 per cent of shoppers are now comparing in-store prices with online to find the best value for money.

“Half of all Australians are browsing products online before going in-store to purchase them, while a similar percentage are looking at online reviews and comparison sites before buying in-store,” said Janet Menzies, country manager at Amazon Australia.

“This trend represents an opportunity for retailers of all sizes to innovate and meet customer needs through omnichannel experiences in everything from personalisation to click and collect.”

Neil Saunders, MD of GlobalData, said the research shows that omnichannel retail spend has increased 47.8 per cent since 2019.

“It also projects that this trend will continue as brands invest in integrated strategies to meet consumer demand for hybrid, seamless shopping journeys both in-store and online.”

He added that though Australians have returned to in-store shopping, online is a “major driver of value” across the retail sector.

“Price and product are key, but experience is king as shoppers are increasingly looking for options when buying the goods they want and need.”

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