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Shein unveils a purpose-led clothing range

Chinese online fast-fashion company Shein has introduced a purpose-driven clothing line dubbed ‘EvoluShein’ with inclusive sizing and which it claims is made from responsibly-sourced materials. 

The company said the first release of EvoluShein will feature recycled polyester made from plastic waste, which required fewer source materials, water and energy needed compared to virgin polyester. The fabric is produced exclusively by suppliers certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). 

“We are committed to building a more responsible fashion ecosystem,” said Adam Whinston, global head of environmental, social and governance at Shein. “Launching EvoluShein is one important step in our sustainability commitments this year, which touches on each of our key focus areas – protecting the environment, supporting communities, and empowering entrepreneurs.”

Shein aims to expand the line to more than 1500 product SKUs by the end of this September, with additional preferred materials options, including forest-safe viscose, consciously cultivated cotton, and additional certification programs for recycled fibres.

The launch of the sustainable line comes at a time when the company is being broadly criticised for core environmental and ethical problems, including alleged worker mistreatment by suppliers, questions over animal welfare and poor-quality products.

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