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Sendle to offer compostable postage satchels

Courier service Sendle is trialling biodegradable postage satchels as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic satchels.

The new satchels are made from corn starch, and a binding resin makes them waterproof, tough, flexible, tear resistant, writable, printable and reusable.

Sendle co-founder and chief executive James Chin Moody said it was important to give small businesses an environmentally-friendly yet affordable shipping option.

“Sendle is committed to helping businesses at the smaller end of town succeed,” he said.

“By offering compostable satchels, Sendle is levelling the playing field for Australian small businesses, enabling them to offer their customers the types of sustainable options that are often only reserved for large businesses.”

Moody said the industry needs to stop focusing on plastic recycling and embrace compostable materials, which can be safely returned to the environment.

“We support a circular economy in which generating endless waste is not an option and the earth’s resources are not treated as infinite,” Moody said.

He noted that the biodegradable satchels do not compromise on convenience or performance.

Sendle will gather feedback from the trial to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of its small businesses customers before offering the satchels more broadly later this year.

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