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How to reach the multi-device, omnichannel consumer

We used to flip through a catalogue to find out what was new at the shops, but today, shopping has completely changed with smart devices, laptops and desktop computers. To succeed in today’s omnichannel marketplace, we must ensure that the shopping experience – from browsing to buying – is tailored to the audience.

From our recent study, “How Consumers Across the Globe use Multiple Devices to Shop and Buy,” we have found that consumers own more devices than ever before and are using them differently across regions when it comes to shopping. Australian consumers, for example, only use one device on average for making online purchases.  

As the expectation increases for the omnichannel retail experience, it’s becoming crucial that we look to better understand what devices are preferred by our local markets and how we can improve the retail experience. Here are our key findings from the research:

Which Device Will Rule Them All? In Australia, we found that smartphones are the most popular and prevalent device with nearly 90 per cent of consumers aged between 18-64 owning a smartphone, but the 65 plus age group are yet to fully embrace the device. In the US, 80 per cent of consumers own a laptop and 75 per cent have a smartphone. They also had the highest ownership of desktops at 66 per cent and wearables at 13 per cent. In comparison, UK consumers love their tablets with 60 per cent.

Popular Purchasing Patterns: While Australia has the greatest level of smartphone ownership, only 30 per cent have used one to make a purchase. Whereas in the US and the UK, 38 per cent and 37 per cent respectively have purchased online using a smartphone device. However, age is a strong indicator of purchase affinity. In all of the countries, younger shoppers are more likely to purchase online using a smartphone.  

Younger Consumers Still Shop In-Stores: Nearly one quarter (24 per cent) of consumers reported shopping less frequently in physical stores. However, contrary to what some might believe, 57 per cent of the Australian consumers aged 18-34 said they were shopping more often in-stores.

As commerce marketers, we need to create a seamless, frictionless experience, regardless of where or when the multi-device omnichannel consumer chooses to shop.

Shannon Ingrey is the General Manager, Australia of Bronto Software.

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