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Queensland reviews regulations covering online liquor sales

Consumers ordering alcoholic beverages online could face stricter restrictions in Queensland as the state government mulls tightening sale and delivery regulations in line with moves in NSW and Victoria.

Shannon Fentiman, Queensland’s attorney-general, has opened a consultation process to gather stakeholder input on a new draft regulatory framework for online sales and delivery. 

The current legislation, the Liquor Act 1992 and Wine Industry Act 1994, focuses on brick-and-mortar licensed premises and does not explicitly cover online sales or deliveries. 

The Department of Justice aims to address potential risks linked to these types of sales, such as the supply of liquors to minors and unduly intoxicated individuals. 

“We know ordering liquor online and having it delivered offers customers greater convenience and provides commercial benefits for liquor retailers and delivery businesses, but we must ensure appropriate safeguards exist to ensure potential harm and violence is minimised,” said Fentiman. 

“We have already seen New South Wales and Victoria implement new legislation to regulate the online sale and delivery of liquor, which requires our attention too.”

The department is seeking the views of key industry, community and government stakeholders on the potential benefits, costs, issues, impact, and risks associated with the proposed regulatory framework.

“I encourage the liquor industry and community stakeholders to read the consultation paper and have their say; their views are valued and will contribute to ensuring we get this important reform right,” added Fentiman.

The department says the initial consultation phase will be open until May 10 and inform further policy development and recommendations on the new regulatory framework. 

It will also be extended to the public in the “near future” so Queenslanders can have their say on online liquor sales and delivery regulation, the department added.

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