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Q&A: The fast-growth e-commerce queen mentoring a new generation of entrepreneurs

This week we meet serial entrepreneur Blessing Diana Chabvamurambo, is the founder of two businesses. We find out how the success of Diana’s first enterprise – an online fashion venture – led to the concept of her second, quite different, one.   

ISB: What was the inspiration behind your first business Diana’s Closet?

BDC: I showed up to a birthday party wearing a dress, only to find someone else wearing the exact same one – and she wore it better. I was happy for her, but I couldn’t stand feeling inferior. I wanted to look unique, exclusive, and individual.

So, I decided to create an online boutique offering high-quality, exclusive, and individual clothing specifically designed for mid-aged women. At Diana’s Closet, I understand the importance of feeling confident and beautiful in one’s own skin. That’s why I promote body positivity and inclusivity through clothing.

ISB: And how has Diana’s Closet performed since its launch in 2018?

BDC: Offering unique, high-quality, fashionable, and affordable clothing for mid-aged women, the brand has won a devoted customer base and recognition in the media for promoting body positivity and inclusivity. With a strong online presence – we are one of the fastest-growing eCommerce businesses in Australia – Diana’s Closet has quickly become a trusted and reliable source for stand-out-from-the crowd dresses.

ISB: How has that business influenced your decision to found your latest venture My Startup Coach?

BDC: Women, inspired by my success with Diana’s Closet, approached me for guidance on building their own businesses. I realised there was a need for support and guidance for women entrepreneurs, especially women of colour.

This passion for helping women succeed in business, combined with my own experience building and growing a successful business, led me to found My Startup Coach. I wanted to use my expertise to empower and support women of colour in realising their entrepreneurial dreams.

My Startup Coach provides eCommerce business coaching, programs and courses and support for women entrepreneurs in building and growing successful businesses. I believe that by providing the right support and guidance, women can overcome the challenges they face and achieve their dreams.

ISB: What is the business model for the new venture?

BDC: My Startup Coach provides both one on one and group coaching models to support and empower women entrepreneurs. Both of these models are designed to provide women entrepreneurs with the guidance, support, and resources they need to build and grow successful businesses.

To make these services accessible to as many women as possible, we offer flexible payment options, offering access to cutting-edge digital tools and resources to help you build and grow your business more effectively and affordably.

ISB: How do you see both your businesses developing in the next couple of years?

BDC: I envision Diana’s Closet continuing to grow and reach more women seeking unique dresses. For My Startup Coach, I plan to expand our team of coaches to offer more expertise in areas such as mindset, success, and financial freedom. This will allow us to provide even more comprehensive support to women entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. I also see us hosting events and conferences, providing opportunities for our community to connect, learn, and grow together.

ISB: And, finally, of all the advice you give via My Startup Coach, what do you consider to be the most important quality or strategy for an aspiring female entrepreneur?

BDC: I believe there are five important qualities or strategies that are crucial to the success of aspiring female entrepreneurs:

  1. Growth mindset: Being open to learning and constantly seeking new opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally, can help you stay ahead of the curve and succeed in business.
  2. Resilience and determination: Entrepreneurship can be challenging, and resilience and determination are key traits for overcoming obstacles and pushing through tough times.
  3. Adaptability: The ability to adapt to change and pivot when necessary is key in the constantly evolving business landscape.
  4. Financial acumen: Understanding the financial aspect of running a business, including budgeting, managing cashflow, and making smart investment decisions, is essential for success.
  5. Networking and relationship-building: Having a strong network of like-minded individuals and mentors can provide valuable resources, support, and opportunities for collaboration.

This story was originally published on Inside Small Business.

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