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Priceline Pharmacy celebrates diversity in new campaign

Priceline Pharmacy is celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of every Australian woman with a new campaign launched today in-store and online.

Amplifying its position as being a brand for women, Priceline Pharmacy’s month-long ‘Beauty of You’ campaign is focusing on beauty from the inside out.

“97 per cent of our customers are women and this campaign represents why they keep coming back into our stores,” said Priceline Pharmacy’s general manager of marketing Mark O’Keefe.

“We are the destination for both inner and outer beauty, demonstrated by our extensive product range and in-store services across both health and beauty.”

Bringing the campaign to life, Priceline Pharmacy’s international make-up director, Rae Morris, has created tutorial videos teaching women how to personalise their makeup and skincare routines to suit specific skin types.

Beauty advisors will be providing these expert lessons in stores through one-on-one consultations.

Several short online videos have been created featuring Priceline Pharmacy’s celebrity ambassadors, known as Priceline Sisters, explaining what beauty means to them and sharing their favourite health and beauty tips.

Priceline Pharmacy is also engaging customers through its Sister Club loyalty program with an online ‘Beauty of You’ survey asking women a wide array of health and beauty questions in order to develop a summary of the beauty of Australian women today.

To emphasise the beauty message of this campaign, Priceline Pharmacy launched the new version of its 100% Woman ad series, which features snapshots of Australian women engaging in their own unique beauty moments, appearing across TV and online.

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